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This training summarizes and demonstrates all stages of the UI/UX development stages.

This is an immersive, project based learning experience, designed to transform your skill set and launch a new career in design.

Our goal is to help you build a career in User Design, taking you from the from the beginner level to an industry ready professional regardless of your background

What You’ll Learn

Design Thinking

  • Introduction to Product Design
  • Understanding the different stages of Design Thinking, Design Research and Strategy
  • User Research & Experience Mapping
  • Design Thinking Process, Framework & Strategy

Design Fundamentals

  • Skills and Frameworks to make immersive application
  • UI Patterns & Libraries
  • Creating an intuitive interface

Visual Elements

  • What is an Interface
  • The Role of a Designer in creating User Interface
  • The use of color in design

Information Architecture

  • Components of information architecture
  • Importance of wire framing within design architecture

Strategy Architecture

  • Build a deeper understanding of user goals and motivations, allowing findings to influence product functionality as you create an end-to-end digital experience.
  • Learning how to run an Unmoderated Usability Test (URUT)
  • Prototyping: Understanding the Ins and Outs of modern design
  • Developing a comprehensive plan for a complex website

Design Documentation

  • Wireframes for the Wicked
  • The What, Why & How of Wireframing Developing Reusable patterns via Rapid Prototyping

High Fidelity Mockup

Mobile and Web approach & challenges Launching a Full-fledged Visual Prototype

Course Content

Introduction to UI/UX
Building your First User Interface
Creating the App Design
Building the Website Interface

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