R Programming

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The R programming language is purpose-built for data analysis. R is the key that opens the door between the problems that you want to solve with data and the answers you need to meet your objectives. This course starts with a question and then walks you through the process of answering it through data. You will first learn important techniques for preparing (or wrangling) your data for analysis. You will then learn how to gain a better understanding of your data through exploratory data analysis, helping you to summarize your data and identify relevant relationships between variables that can lead to insights. Once your data is ready to analyze, you will learn how to develop your model and evaluate and tune its performance.


Anyone involved in Business Management, Business Operations and other related courses, looking to learn the statistical part of analytics or looking to upskill. If you are also looking to start a career in Data Analytics, this is for you.


We’ll make you master the fundamental business statistical concepts

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