A marketing analyst may be responsible for both digital and traditional marketing analysis. Traditional marketing efforts might include TV ads, special events, in-store promotions, and focus groups. Then digital marketing would consist of social media, website, reviews, etc. By analyzing all of this data, a marketing analyst can help the digital and traditional marketing teams work together to meet shared goals.

In smaller companies, a marketing analyst job description may include leading a team of marketing professionals. In larger companies, it may be a stand-alone position that reports directly to a marketing director or CMO. You would then partner with a marketing manager who you would advise as they lead their team.

A marketing analyst salary is similar to that of a data analyst. However, because a marketing analyst has a broader scope than a digital analyst, they may be able to advance further in a company that invests heavily in both digital and traditional marketing. That means higher pay potential.

As a marketing analyst in a medium to large company, you may have a digital marketing analyst reporting to you.

Learning how to become a marketing analyst is the next step. You need a strong background and hopefully real-world experience in marketing and analytics.