Data Analysis Bootcamp 6.0

This training for those willing to learn how to slice and dice data using the top industry recognized tools. This is a 6week course that'll take you from a beginner level with zero experience and knowledge to a pro. You'll learn how to use the skills you'll acquire to land Data Analysis job. You'll receive a welcome email once you enroll.


Data Cleaning with Excel

You'll learn how to clean messy data with the advanced Excel tool. We'll walk you through data analysis with Pivot tables and be able to look up specific information from a large dataset

Data Query with SQL

You'll master the act of querying data from the database using different SQL functions, aggregating data and joining data from different tables

Data Visualization with Tableau

You'll learn how to tell stories with data, generating insights from a large dataset and turning it into a more readable and understandable darshboard



If you are currently a student and looking to build a career in analytics, this training is for you.

Young Professional

If you are a young professional and work with lots of data, this training is for you. This will open your eyes to the possibilities of data insights.

Career Switch

If you are looking to switch career to the analytics career path, this is for you. We'll help you learn analytics from a beginner level to advanced.


This is a 100% virtual training. You will join the classes via Teams or Zoom. The right link will be emailed to you once you register. Classes will be held every Saturday to make room for people working during the week. You’ll learn from our expert instructors who currently work as Analysts in Corporate America. You’ll have series of assignments and group work. You’ll install all the software on your local computer to practice along as you learn. You’ll solve real life business problems with the 5 different datasets you’ll be provided with. You’ll create 5 projects with the datasets and create a portfolio to have all your projects in one place. 

The Data You'll Work With

We’ll be working with 5 different types of large datasets. 

  • Sales data 
  • Marketing data 
  • HR data 
  • Finance data 
  • Healthcare data

Training Format

Our training comes in the following format 
  • 100% Instructor-led 
  • 100% Hands-on
  •  100% Project based
  • 100% collaboration based

You’ll receive certificate of completion at the end of the bootcamp to demonstrate that you’ve have completed the training and you have the capacity to take up your next data analyst job.

Meet Your Instructors

Mariam Adeyemi

Mariam is a Certified Data Analyst and the Founder of Techavilly LLC. She has trained over 5,000 people and helped them find their foot in the data analytics career path. She has over 12 years of corporate experience both in America and International. She has worked on several projects across different industries. She currently works as a Digital Marketing Analyst with one of the largest Fortune 500 IT eCommerce companies in America.

Jemmy O

Jemmy is a seasoned Business Analyst with over 15years of experience spanning across Sales, Finance and IT. She has a strong finance background and has helped hundreds of people to find and stay on their jobs. She is a Tableau superhero. We call her a designer. She does magic with Tableau dashboard. She is an instructor per excellence! She currently works as Business Analyst with one of the top Fortune 500 retail companies in America.

What Previous Participants are Saying...