Imagine that your business has a three-star rating with 1,000’s of reviews. You’re losing customers as soon as they see that rating, they run for the hills. 

You need to analyze what’s leading to receiving bad reviews in order to improve your reputation. Relationship management analytics tools would focus on commonalities. In this example, they tell you that most people are complaining about shipping time.

Your first thought may be ”Hey we might need to ship faster.” But acting on that assumption would cause you to unnecessarily spend time and money to speed up shipping. Your data analysis is not complete.

Why are people complaining about shipping? You do a deeper data analysis and determine that:

  • It takes 6 hours to prepare an order, faster than the industry standard.
  • Your average delivery arrives in 3 days. That’s not too bad.

Now, you know shipping time may not be the actual issue. But customers are complaining for some reason. You find that your website says “free next day delivery”. Now unless you’re overnighting every package, you’ve set an unrealistic expectation. Customers are reviewing you based on the fact that you’re not meeting the standard you set.

That’s easy to fix, and it will cost you a lot less than trying to speed up shipping when it’s already running like a well-oiled machine.