PowerBI Training

Jump into the World of Business Intelligence to better understand how BI roles, processes, skills, and tools come together to drive better insights.

What You'll Learn
-----Identify the benefits of a data-driven business culture
-----Explain how data transformation and automation can save hours
-----Understand the basics of model building and interactive dashboards

Project Management Training

Build a solid foundation of project management knowledge, techniques and tools in this hands-on training that covers the entire project life cycle. Learn and apply basic elements of project management to your job to support project success. Training is scheduled to start in June 2023.

Teens Summer Tech Camp

Register your teenager for the 3 weeks summer tech training. This is a 100% hands-on experience for the kids. It's for children between the ages of 10-15yrs. They'll learn how to create graphics and build a mini website. They'll also learn how to create stunning PowerPoint Presentation. They need to have a laptop to join the training. Training is scheduled to start in June 2023.

Data Analytics Bootcamp 7.0

This training is schedule to start in July 2023. You'll be learning the most required Data Analytics tools in the job market. This training will prepare you for your next data analytics job. You'll be working with several data from different industries. Click the link below to join the waitlist.