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Learning analytics enables data-driven decision-making, providing insights for strategic advantage and improved efficiency. It unlocks opportunities to understand customers better, predict trends, and advance career prospects in a continuously evolving field. Mastery of analytics fosters problem-solving skills, empowers effective communication, and equips individuals with the tools to navigate a data-centric world.


Anyone interested in making informed decisions based on data should consider learning analytics. This includes professionals in various industries such as business, healthcare, finance, marketing, and technology, as well as students and individuals seeking career advancement or personal growth. Whether you’re a business leader, data enthusiast, aspiring data scientist, or someone looking to enhance their problem-solving skills, learning analytics can be valuable in gaining a competitive edge, improving efficiency, and unlocking opportunities for success.

  • This course will provide fundamental knowledge of Excel, including beginner to advanced level that’ll prepare you for your first analytics job
  • You’ll learn the general data ingestion and cleaning process both in Excel and other analytics tools.
  • You’ll move slightly into the SQL course upon completing the Excel analytics training.
  • The course will then cover the concept of pure data analysis using the tools and visuals available within Tableau
  • You’ll have the privilege to run some analysis using the R studio environment.
  • You’ll also have the basic understanding og Python programming language and you will be able to use python to solve real life analysis problems.
Program Features

This is a Self-Paced Training with access to industry-based course-end projects. You’ll have 1year access to the videos upon enrollment.

Delivery Mode

100% virtual classroom


You need a laptop to get the most out of this training

What You’ll Learn in this Bootcamp

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Excel Analytics
  • SQL Programming
  • R Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Data Visualization with Tableau

Course Content

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Course 1 - Data Analysis with Excel
Course 2 - Data Analysis with SQL
Couse 2 Module 2
Course 2 Module 3
Course 2 Module 4
Course 2 Module 5
Course 3 - Data Analysis with R Programming
Course 3 Module 2
Course 4 - Data Analysis with Python
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  1. I will like to express my sincere appreciation for the course you have put together.
    The learning process was an enriching experience, and your teaching style is exceptional.

    The course is well presented, well structured and provides a lot of opportunities to test what you have learned.

    I will always recommend Techavilly.

    Makinde Michael

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